Abigail Massey
AbigailI Drawing1
Sixteen-year-old Abigail Massey was born and raised in McAdam Junction. Tall, slim with lustrous brown hair, she is the only child of Eveline and Thomas Massey. Until recently, her father owned a men's clothing shop in the Village but he has since taken a position with the Briggs & Little Wool Factory in nearby York Mills. When the stories begin, Abigail's parents are preparing to move to York Mills to be closer to his place of work

Martha Casey
Martha Casey, also 16, is Abigail's cousin. Her father, William, is the brother of Abigail's mother. Martha is a shorter, rounder girl than Abigail and has auburn hair. She also has a mischievous sense of adventure that often gets her into trouble. Her older brother, George, is serving in the Canadian Army in England when the stories begin and her younger siblings, Tess and and Albert still live in Fredericton with their parents, William and Ruth. Martha's father owns movie theatres in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick.

Jennifer (Jenny) Thompson
Jenny Thompson
Tall, athletic with blonde hair, Jenny Thompson hails from Saint John, New Brunswick. Her brother, Jack, is 18, just a year older than Jenny and the two siblings are great friends.

Alice Hayes
Alice Hayes
Alice Hayes is a native of St. Stephen, New Brunswick. She has a long, thin body and chestnut hair. Like Jenny, Alice is 17 and had lived and worked at the McAdam Station and Hotel for some time before Abigail and Martha arrive.

Miss Pierce
The Hotel Manager, Miss Pierce is a no-nonsense kind of woman in her early 40s. Small and thin, with a long, narrow face, dark piercing eyes and thick blond hair that is always pulled back into a tight bun on top of her head, Miss Pierce operates the McAdam Station and Hotel to the highest of standards.

Mr. Fitzpatrick
As Station Agent, Mr. Fitzpatrick is responsible for making sure the trains coming in and out of McAdam Junction are well taken care of and for running the ticketing and telegraph operations. A short, round man with a broad face and a gruff voice, he tries to avoid interfering with how Ms. Pierce manages her staff.

Gilles LeClerc
How Gilles LeClerc wandered so far away from his Acadian home in northeast New Brunswick is the subject of speculation but the tall, handsome young man has made himself a home as the Station's resourceful handyman. Not more than 18 years of age, Gilles is wise beyond his years and has developed something of a sweet spot for Martha.

Tracks, the Golden Retriever
Although he doesn't appear until Volume 2, Tracks quickly becomes an important character in the lives of the people at McAdam Railway Station. Based on the author's own golden doodle, Marlee, Tracks somehow snuck his way onto the cover of Volume 1, even though he has not yet arrived on the scene in McAdam when the stories in that first book take place.