Here are a series of videos related to Abigail, the books, the Abigail team and the project itself.

"The Station"

The Abigail project team is working hard on developing a proposal for a web series based on the Abigail Massey stories. We were told that, in order to apply for funding, we would have to develop a "teaser trailer" for our proposed series. Tom Belding, a talented film maker, produced this trailer for us. If you like it, please click the thumbs up on the Youtube page, share it with everyone you know and subscribe to the Markwwnb youtube channel. The more people who do these things, the better chance we have to obtain funding to make the series a reality.

Abigail's Big Break (CTV News)

This news report by Nick Moore on CTV News started it all: Nick showed up at the launch of Volume 1, did this wonderful report, and the story went very slightly, in a gentle, Canadian, Maritime way, viral.

Mark Walma on Information Morning (CBC Fredericton)

The wonderful people at CBC Fredericton have invited author Mark Walma on to their morning show three times in the past. Terry Seguin was the show's affable host, Here are the videos!

Our Inspiration: Avis Boone

November 2015: The interview with former McAdam Station hotel maid Avis Boone that inspired the Abigail character and her stories.

Video Promo for the Christmas Novel

September 2014: Check out this new video, promoting the Christmas novella while parodying election ads.

Podcast reading styles video

March 2014: Here's a direct link to the video we've created to get your feedback on our proposed reading styles for the Abigail podcasts. Don't forget to email us at or visit the Abigail Blogspot site to cast your vote and share your thoughts.

Abigail author returns to the NB Legislature

November 2013: York MLA Carl Urquhart invited author Mark Walma once again to the New Brunswick Legislature, this time to invite his fellow MLAs to the launch of Abigail Massey Volume 3. Thank you to Mr. Urquhart for his ongoing support.

Canada Day Parade

July 2013: Author Mark Walma and "Abigail" (Andrea Tomkins) take part in McAdam's annual Canada Day Parade, driven through town by none other than McAdam Historical Restoration Commission president Gail Swan. A silent film but fun nonetheless.

Canada's Connection to Trains

June 2013: Illustrator Lynn Walma talks about how trains form an integral part of Canada's history and its culture.

The Inspiration

June 2013: Mark talks about where the idea for Abigail and her friends came from and the inspiration for the project as a whole.

Stories to introduce children to their own history

June 1013: Author Mark Walma explains why he and his sister Lynn chose to create children's stories set at the McAdam Railway Station in 1941.

Author Mark Walma introduced to the NB Legislature

May 2013: McAdam area MLA Carl Urquhart introduces Abigail author Mark Walma to the Legislature. The members of the government thank Mark and his sister Lynn for their contribution to the preservation of the McAdam Railway Station through their Abigail Massey books.

For more videos, visit author Mark Walma's Youtube Channel by searching "markwwnb" at