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New Brunswick Arts Magazine features Abigail

Created Here article
December 24, 2016: Created Here, a wonderful new arts magazine that focuses on New Brunswick artists, has featured Abigail and her books in its most recent issue. Author Mark Walma wrote the article but it’s the stunning layout that really makes this special, featuring beautiful photos of the Station and two of Lynn Walma’s fantastic illustrations.

CBC features McAdam/Abigail on hit show Still Standing

Mark CBC
July 29, 2016: The Village of McAdam, its people and its gorgeous train station were in the national spotlight recently when Canada’s national television broadcaster, CBC, featured the Village on its hit show Still Standing, starring comedian, actor and Canadian superstar Jonny Harris.

Author Mark joins host Jonny Harris
Abigail author Mark Walma was one of several people profiled on the hilarious but informative show which was broadcast to a national audience on Tuesday, July 26. The episode is also available to residents of Canada online here at the CBC website.

The Telegraph-Journal Wows with Huge Coverage

Cover of Salon article
November 14, 2015: The Saint John Telegraph-Journal provided stunning support for the McAdam Railway Station, efforts to restore it and the Abigail project with a massive three-page spread in its Saturday "Salon" section.

Written by Fredericton journalist and photographer Cara Smith, the article featured interviews with McAdam Mayor Frank Carroll, Restoration Commission President Gail Swan and Abigail author Mark Walma. This article included a history of the Station, a description of the impact of its closure on the local community and a recounting of the restoration efforts.

The article with photos
The spread also included numerous beautiful photographs of the Station, taken by the talented Ms. Smith (excluding, of course, the historical shots of the Station).

Of particular delight was the photo collage on the Salon cover, which offered an interesting photo that seamlessly blended a historical black and white image of the station with a more modern shot and then included a set of four nicely balanced photos below.

Awesome coverage in Woodstock

Article in Bugle
November 13, 2015: The Woodstock Bugle-Observer published a wonderful article, accompanied by three excellent images, in support of the launch and sale of Abigail Massey at McAdam Station, Volume 4.

Based on a media release, the article introduces the new Abigail author, Mary E. O'Keefe, and her importance to the Abigail project.

Packed House in Hamilton for an Abigail Event

Bryan Prince October 7, 2015: Author Mark Walma and designer/illustrator Lynn Walma hosted a pre-launch celebration for the fourth volume of Abigail stories at Bryan Prince Bookseller in the west end of Hamilton, Ontario, their home town. A wonderful crowd turned out to get an update on the Abigail project, pick up their copies of the Abigail books (including the brand new Volume 4) and chat with Mark and Lynn.

Mark's Law School Alumni Magazine features Abigail

The Abigail Project has been featured in the winter edition of
Nexus, the alumni magazine for the University of Toronto law school.